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Success stories

Success stories




Tempo Promotion Campaign 2103

Razy Technologies has now added another story to its successful technical expertise and launched the ülker Company contest late March 2013. ülkeris a turkish company, having representation office in Cairo, Egypt.
The huge promotion campaign included utilizing Razy SMSC and bulk SMS and creating Facebook application for subscribers who are interested in winning prizes ranging from getting free TopUp, Smart phones, and Tablets.


Sales and Promotional Electronic Activities

Suez Cement Contest: In the context of their promotional campaign launched their SMS titled “Text and Win”. . Suez Cement allocated 1500 prizes for this contest; which targets the labor sector. The contester would copy one of the numbers that Suez Cement Company sticks on the product’s package of cement, and then send this number in SMS form to the Suez cement company.  RazyTech provided the technical aspects, expertise and was and still is the monitor.  It is an ongoing successful campaign for the Suez Cement Company.


YaOsta.com IVR registration service

The YaOsta IVR application was developed, run, and monitored by RazyTech to act as an electronic directory for the labor sector in Egypt.  It is an IVR application that enables the labor sector, i.e., plumbers, welders, masons, mechanicals, etc., to register a short C.V. information through the phone by dialing a short number and register their name, location and type of expertise. This information is then gathered into a database on the YaOsta.com website, Users can do their search based on the chosen geographical location they reside in.


RazyTech E-Voucher System

Razy E-voucher system is an application that facilitates transactions for Mobile phone companies with their agents/customers/and distributers. By registering at RazyTech (name and password), you are then allowed to take money value from the wallet that provide you with equivalent value of the credit account for your transaction.


Coca Cola World Cup 2010 compagen

The Coca Cola Company ran a promotional plan campaign to be launched during the World Championship Cup during the period June through August 2010. Razy Technical Team under the guidance with the Director, Moatasem Osam implemented the campaign by the team who worked in diligence, dedication, and uninterrupted efforts to achieve the success of this campaign.  It was based on a clear scenario and simple for user’s technical logic in addition to trouble shooting plan and uninterrupted monitoring shifts 24/7 during the life of the campaign  The plan was set, studied and tested before going live.


Value Added Support Efforts

Razy support for VodaFone Egypt, in collaboration with Pay Box in Germany is one of Razy’s for ---- years is one of our shining successes in Razy achievement stories. The value added technical support and integration services were added to many of Razy clients.  In this context, Masary E-Voucher that was recently added in addition to their E-Customer Care services, the Point of Sales (POS) and IVR’s.