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Voice Solution

Voice Solution



The PBX is for business telephone systems. The basic feature set includes many of the most popular and powerful PBX functions.


Voice mail

Integrated voicemail application allows integrators to replace proprietary legacy voicemail systems based solutions at a fraction of the cost.



Interactive Voice Response (a.k.a. IVR) allows companies to save money and eliminates manual repetitive tasks. The IVR makes it easy to build an IVR application that responds to the  tone or speech input from the caller.  It also  supports the  data  access over HTTP and ODBC; and makes integrating the IVR with the data stores simple and reliable.


Automatic Call Distributors (ACDs)

Allow call centers to handle thousands of simultaneous calls, route them to agents based on caller input, dialed number, load and other factors. ACD systems typically reduces the cost that amounts to hundreds  if not thousands of Pounds and spare the client the time, and the effort, to have a require specialized training to install and operate.



Conference bridge application allows you to build sophisticated multi-party conference applications.


Other additional features for phones include:

  • MP3 Music On Hold
  • Database Support
  • Recorded Introductions
  • Call Handling


Mobile & Telecom Value Added Services

Razy promotes lots of SMS, USSD and IVR solutions that targets Small and Medium Businesses and suits their needs with a cost efficient way.