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Online Development Services

Online Development Services


Website Development Services

At Razytech, our goal is to make your experience as easy and worry free as possible. Whether you're a company just starting out or an established businesses needing an updated Custom Website Design, we have the expertise to get the job done right and the way you want. Being a small company will turn our low cost production into your savings. We develop websites of all sizes and scope; from start to finish, we do it all. RazyTech services include:

  • Domain Registration.
  • Web 2.0 Dynamic Designs.
  • Custom Website Design.
  • Flash Design.
  • Graphic Design.
  • E-Commerce.
  • Company Identity Development.
  • Custom Programming.
  • Web Hosting.
  • Web site Management and Updates to your Website.
  • Website Marketing.
  • Site Promotion and Customization of Web Application Development.
  • Content Management Systems.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Making your site (Google Friendly) and even with top search engines.
  • And much more.....

RazyTech will continue as a side partner to your business through support and consultation even after launching of your site is completed.


Get in Touch with Your Community Through your Web Site:

Adding this feature to your website, will allow all those interested in easy, speedy communication between the community members to exchange ideas, news, or current status of stock, needed items, and issues that are related to the business, be it a company, company’s branches, a schools (school management, parents, teachers, students) or any other establishment.


Corporate Online Collaboration Portal

Work from the Desktop: Razy Social Office lets you work from your desktop. It features integration with Microsoft Office®, which means that when you update files and documents from your local drive, they can be automatically uploaded to your Social Office online.

Razy Social Office makes use of publicly available SharePoint® protocols to allow users to open, save, version, lock, and share documents directly between Razy Social Office and Microsoft Office®. This opens up new ways of integrating desktop workflow with web-based collaboration and document storage. For example, a marketing team working on a new product campaign can store Powerpoints, brochures, copy and graphics in a Social Office workspace’s document library and brainstorm ideas using our integrated IM, Wiki, and Forums.

Document Library: Razy Social Office acts as a web-based shared drive. Instead of worrying about multiple copies of the same document and duplicate work, use our secure Document Library to centralize and organize all your files. Time-saving features are built in, including multiple file uploads and familiar desktop folders. You can even change a file's format at the time of upload (ie, .doc  to .pdf).

Team Calendar: Create, manage, and search for group events using the community-based calendar with task lists. Events can be shared across different departments, and event reminders can be set up to alert users of upcoming events by email, IM, or SMS.

Wikis: Beyond document sharing, Social Office provides full-featured Wikis to facilitate communal information capture and gathering. Team members can easily start new wiki entries to build up a team's personal online encyclopedia.

Blogs: Convey information and facilitate conversations around blogs directly. Razy's Blogs provide the best features of modern blogging tools and allow you to keep up with everyone's thoughts and activities via dynamic RSS feeds to your email or a "Recent Blogs" display.

Message Boards: Message Boards are a perfect solution for facilitating conversations within a department or project team that is collaborating around shared ideas, or for capturing and sharing the tacit knowledge of your workgroup.

Razy’s Message Board tool rivals standalone products in its feature set with RSS alerts, email-based subscriptions and replies, and tie in with activity tracking. Razy’s Message Boards are secured by our granular system of authorizations which grants varying levels of control to administrators and users.

Sites: Sites are separate, secured areas you can create in Social Office that can be used for the various departments or teams within your organization. Each Site has its own set of collaboration tools (wiki, message boards, blogs), shared calendar and shared document library.
Creating a Site is simple and can be completed with no page refresh! Create as many spaces as you like and as you need.

Email: Instead of toggling between Razy and your preferred email client, simply send and check email directly through Social Office. A full AJAX-based webmail client can be configured to interface with many popular IMAP email servers.

Instant Message: Built-in Instant Messaging gives you access to all logged-in team mates. Chat boxes stay at the bottom of your screen as you navigate through Social Office and conversations remain secure behind your firewall.

Activity Tracking: See what everyone is up to. Activity tracking keeps tabs on personal and team activity and displays this information in various “Recent Activity” viewers for each specific tool, for all items tagged with a certain key word and on a Facebook-style Activity Wall.

Tracking works for wiki entries, blogs, message boards and recent activity in the document library!

Announcements & Alerts: Broadcast messages to different group of users whether they are simple announcements or "newsletter"-like in purpose. Each person can control how they receive alerts: via portal-based web alert, SMS, Email or any additional delivery mechanisms configured by the portal administrator.


Online Community Portal

Out-of-the-box Tools: Razy Portal provides more out of the box portlets than any other portal on the market—Choose from over 60 to customize your work environment. Included are Razy CMS and Razy Collaboration offering web publishing, content management, collaboration and social networking.

SOA Framework: Razy Portal is developed using an open SOA strategy that makes it the choice of enterprises worldwide for enterprise application integration. Integrate your existing HR, Accounting or Sales systems and any other sources of important data.

Secure Single Sign On (SSO): Aggregate and access your content and applications in one place. Razy Portal can pull all of your different systems together and make them available by logging in just once via the secure SSO.

Granular, Role-Based Authorizations: To ensure that the right people control the right information, portal administrators can assign individual users or groups of users different "roles" that grant varying levels of access and editing rights to specific communities, files, applications and tools. For example, a "Sales Director" can view and edit all sales documents but a "Sales Assistant" can only view them.

Communities & Organizations: Razy users can be intuitively grouped into a hierarchy of "organizations" or cross-organizational "communities," providing flexibility and ease of administration.

For example, members of different geographies such as Americas and EMEA can be grouped into organizations, whereas disciplines such as sales, marketing, and engineering that cross geographies can be created as communities. Each such group can also be given a separate mini portal with its own set of pages, content management system, shared calendar, and authorizations. A user can belong to multiple groups and easily navigate between them.

Single-Click Configuration: A fast, responsive interface makes Razy Portal extremely easy and enjoyable to use for everyone in your organization. Typically time-consuming tasks such as altering a page layout, adding new applications and content, and changing look and feel can all be done in a couple of clicks without ever refreshing the page.

Dynamic Drag & Drop: Razy Portal was the first portal to offer this feature, allowing users to move different elements around in the portal by simply dragging and dropping them into place.

Work From Your Desktop: Link to Razy Portal from your desktop. Just drag your files into familiar "WebDAV" desktop folders and they are automatically uploaded to your portal.

Search & Tagging: Tag web content, documents, message board threads and more to dynamically share important or interesting content with other portal users.

Users can then search for relevant information within specific portlets, communities, within the entire portal and even within external integrated applications.

Personal User Pages: All users get a personal space that can be made public (published as a website with a unique friendly URL) or kept private. You can customize how the space looks, what tools and applications are included, what goes into the document library and who can see and access it all.

Multi-language Support: International or multi-lingual organizations get out of the box support for 22 languages. Users can toggle between different language settings with just one click. You can also easily add other languages.